The Slime Factory

North Point Mall Alpharetta

By Debbie Calabro April 22, 2024

It’s  Slime Time!!

The Slime Factory recently opened North Point Mall in Alpharetta.

It is located in the old Sur la Table Store diagonal from the Lego Store.  

This slime experience is run like a class and lasts about 1 hour. As a kindergarten teacher,  I thought it was well run.  

Buy your tickets online ahead of time.  Use code MACARONITSF for 25 percent off till May 10!

Each paid participant will make 2 slimes. One is a fluffy slime and one, a clear glue slime but they can add color to both. 


Once you check in, they will tell you when can you go grab a lab coat and goggles.  When it’s time they will take a few people and they put gloves on you and you get to touch a very “snotty” like slime.

From there you go to the table where a teacher, we had Sam and she was awesome,  will guide you through making your two slimes.  They have 6 colors you can make your slime (green, yellow, orange, pink, purple blue).  They allow parents to help and I loved the lower sized table for little kids.  

After you make the slimes you get to chose a small piece and place it ( not throw) it on the Slime Wall.  

From here you go to the toppings bars where you can add glitter, gems (one per container) and add a scent if you want of marshmallow or bubble gum.  

They will give you a certificate at the end and you can play with your slime at a table and then take it home.

There are seats for parents to sit and watch.  


There is an entrance behind the Cheesecake Factory with a parking deck.  That is the closest mall entrance to the store.

All children 2+ must be ticketed to enter the space.

All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult per minor will be allowed entry with no cost but with no slime making privileges.

Due to space limitations, any additional non-slime maker adult companion will be subject to a $5 fee (applies only for non slime making adults and children under 2).

They do have a restroom in the store for customers. It is on the right side in the back.  

This will be a great place for field trips, birthday parties, or mom groups.