About The Publisher: Karen Cohen

Hello and Welcome to Macaroni Kid Alpharetta-Roswell-Milton!  

Thanks for dropping in to learn a little about who we are and why we do what we do. It is my goal and desire to provide parents in North Fulton and South Forsyth with the best resource for finding all your family fun. On a weekly basis, I send out an email  full of events, guides, and articles including giveaways, craft ideas, recipes, and so much more. 

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A Little About Me

As a young girl growing up in Marietta, I remember getting a typewriter and writing a weekly family newsletter. I would write about important events such as what was for dinner and upcoming birthday celebrations. My family would receive a copy of their newsletter under their bedroom doors. 

I’ve always loved writing. And, as a college student at Emory University, while most of my friends were taking science and business courses – I was off studying literature and writing. I spent many late nights writing papers in the computer lab and graduated with an English degree. 

My professional career includes working at public relations agencies, corporate communications at a non-profit and freelance writing. My hardest, yet most rewarding job of all is that of mom to our two boys.

My husband and I started out our family in the Smyrna area and then moved to Milton in 2013. We love the rural meets suburban life here and all the wonderful family events and activities the community offers. 

As our two boys are now tweens, I was ready to start a new chapter for myself. I’ve taken my love of writing, family and our community and found the perfect fit to be your publisher of Macaroni Kid Alpharetta-Roswell-Milton!  

I enjoy running, playing tennis, spending time with family and shopping for good deals. In my spare time, I manage our two boys baseball little league dreams and am writing a children’s book series.  

My hope is Macaroni Kid Alpharetta-Roswell-Milton provides YOU with an easy resource to plan family fun local activities, while offering relevant and interesting content, as we all brave this crazy world of parenthood together!

Please feel free to send me any family friendly event/location ideas, craft ideas, recipes or any suggestions.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy our newsletter! Karen