Roswell Zip Lining: Our Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventure

By Karen Cohen, publisher of Macaroni Kid Alpharetta-Roswell-Milton June 13, 2020

My friend and I decided to take our boys out for an adrenaline-filled adventure! After digital learning and many months of quarantine, swinging through the trees high above water sounded like a great idea. And guess what? It really was. With everything going on in the world, being out in nature has been our peaceful escape from it all. 

Our morning journey started out by getting set up with harness gear and going through the safety rules. The guides also showed us how to use the equipment and taught us the proper zip line techniques. The guides and staff were all friendly, helpful, and wearing masks the entire time. 

There are two different level adventure courses. The level two course you have to be eight years of age and weigh 60 pounds. This course has longer and higher zip lines and a couple more challenging obstacles. The level one course has shorter and lower zip lines, but more obstacles challenges. Our group had one seven-year-old, so we split up into two groups. 

Four of us headed to the level two zip line canopy tour ready to start. Along for our adventure, we had two guides, one that stays in front of the group and one that stays in back of the group the whole time. This helps with sending and catching the zip liners. 

Our guide asked for the most daring in the group to be the first in line. Not surprising, my 11-year-old son marched to the front. And yes, I decided to be last. 

As part of the zip line canopy tour, there are also a few treetop obstacles to maneuver through that the boys loved, such as moving planks. Our boys enjoy watching the ninja warrior show, so these obstacles of course became a competitive race for them. 

As we came to the the zip lines, our guide reminded us to watch for his sign to stop as we approached the end. The first boy ran off the board with a push and cannon balled away with screams of fun. Then the second boy and then the third boy all sailed through with ease. It was my turn. I was pushed off the plank and without thinking, I screamed and closed my eyes -- so I never saw the guide's sign to brake on my approach in. Luckily, our awesome guide, Dawson was there to catch me, no problem! Whew. I did it.

I had so much fun on the first zip line, that I was ready to open my eyes on the second zip line. And by opening my eyes, not only did I see the guide's brake sign, but I also saw all the breathtaking beauty around me. All the boys and I glided through the zip lines with ease and excitement. We even sailed 500 feet over Beaver Pond. And flew high above the trees at the highest peak of 55 feet. 

The boys even started inventing far-fetched stories about a log that they said was an alligator they needed to escape via zip line. And they became super heroes out to save the world while gliding through the sky via zip lines.

As we zip lined, we enjoyed incredible panoramic views of the Chattahoochee Nature Center and its natural environment. The experience was exhilarating. 

We were able to see our two friends on the level one aerial adventure course a couple of times and they were having a great time too! 

The health pandemic has changed the landscape of many birthday and other large group celebrations. And many vacations have been canceled. Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventure, could be a nice way to spend a special birthday or occasion with family and friends. It could also be a fun staycation idea. Make a full day of it by enjoying the Chattahoochee Nature Center while you are there.

You don't have to go far, to enjoy a zip line adventure. If zip lining is on your bucket list, check out Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventure at Chattahoochee Nature Center in ROSWELL!  

After our zip lining adventures, we ate a picnic lunch. We then enjoyed the butterfly exhibit and walked around the Chattahoochee Nature Center. The four boys found a spot by the water where they saw turtles and fish. We spent about about a hour there and somehow managed to leave before anyone fell in the water -- MOMS WIN!! 


Adventure Options

Aerial Adventure Course

Take a 1- 1 1/2 hour adventurous trek around the Chattahoochee Nature Center on the NEW Aerial Adventure Course.  Designed for children ages 6 and up!  Harness up in cutting edge safety gear and experience up to 28 challenge elements.  Be prepared for FUN!!!  Challenge Elements include up to 4 ziplines, suspension bridges, ropes, and much more!

$34.95 (plus CNC admission fee)
*****Children ages 6-9 must be accompanied by an adult.*****

Zipline Canopy Tour

Take to the skies and get a birds eye view of the Chattahoochee Nature Center.  Designed for everyone ages 8 and older!  We make FUN safer using the quick trekker continuous belay system. Our Eco Zipline Canopy Tour will take you through a 1- 1 1/2 hour tour of the fabulous and stunning aerial eco system of the Nature Center while zipping TWICE over the Beaver Pond. Get up to 55 feet in the air on one of the 7 ziplines that stretch up to 500 feet!  The Eco Zipline Tour offers up to 12 challenge elements as you explore the landscape of the Nature Center.

$49.95  (plus CNC admission fee)

Combo Aerial Adventure and Canopy Tour

Designed for everyone ages 8 and up!  We make FUN safer using the quick trekker continuous belay system.  Experience Levels 1 & 2 of our Eco Zipline Canopy tour.  Spend about 3 hours enjoying a total of 40 adventure and challenge elements.  Soar up to 55 feet in the air on one of the 14 ziplines that stretch up to 500 feet and trek across 26 sky bridges.

$79.95 (plus CNC admission fee)

**For full adventure descriptions and restrictions, visit HERE

  • You have to also purchase admission to Chattahoochee Nature Center in addition to the zip line tour. And due to COVID procedures, all tickets must be purchased in advance online -- so plan and purchase both tickets accordingly. 
  • Sign your online waivers ahead of time to save you time!
  • Bring bug spray.
  • Pack a picnic! There are plenty of picnic tables around the park to enjoy lunch or a snack after your adventure.
  • Enjoy a day full day at Chattahoochee Nature Center! Before or after your tour, enjoy time at CNC. The butterfly exhibit is open. There are also trails and animal exhibits to explore. And our boys found a spot by the water to look at fish and turtles for a long time. 

We did receive complimentary passes in exchange for this review, however it did not influence my opinion. We did have a blast!