Bloom in Music at The George Center

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Children, even babies, are naturally musical. They love to sing, dance, make sounds, and drum on anything! Bloom in Music classes are designed to encourage innate abilities through songs, creative movement, and playing developmentally-appropriate instruments. You'll know they're developing and discovering their skills - your children will know that music is FUN!

A Bloom in Music Educator is not only a musician, but a licensed and board certified music therapist. This means that each of our instructors is a specialist in child development. Educators explain how music based activities enhance each child’s complete development, including “what-to-watch-for” every step of the way!

We offer classes for mommies (Uke & Me), infants (Seedlings), toddlers (Sprouts), young children (Buds), families (Family Tree), music lesson preparation (Roots & Branches), and community based intergenerational programming (The Giving Tree).

Each of our classes offers a variety of music and musical experiences through singing and vocal play, instrument exploration, movement and dance, storytelling, songwriting, introductory musical concepts, and expert advice!

Of Special Note:

While Bloom in Music classes have been designed for typically developing children, ALL children, including those with learning differences and special needs are welcome to attend and register. Our therapists and instructors are educated an equipped to adapt activities as needed and trained to support medical needs.

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Business Review


"Excellent group of well-trained, licensed therapists!!! Keep up the good work!" - Dr. Hiral Lavania


"Had a great time in Bloom in Music today! Thank you for doing a great job teaching and having a nice clean place to be with my little." - Colleen Nye


"We attended the Bloom in Music launch party and had a fantastic time! Keep up the awesome work you do!" - Ayanna Johnson


"We LOVE the Saturday morning Bloom in Music class! Our daughter participates in this class more than any other. Thank you so much for all that you and your group have done for our daughter" - John Rutherford


"The instructor who taught the music class today was wonderful. They was engaging, fun, enthusiastic, and fantastic with a large group of kids. Today was the most fun we have ever had in a music class. Bravo!!" - Melissa Barbier