Upgraded Providence Park Reopens with New Trail, Pier, Pavilion

By City of Milton November 23, 2021

An upgraded Providence Park recently reopened to the public, culminating a months-long process to add a new disabled-accessible trail as well as a signature pier and pavilion over Providence Lake.

This milestone comes just in time for the holidays, not to mention well ahead of the December 31 deadline for the project to be completed and $300,000 in State grant money to be spent. Individuals in wheelchairs can now reach the lake, where anyone can enjoy the view – under shade – from the pier.

“Providence Park has a special place in many Milton citizens’ hearts, and these improvements make it all the more special,” Mayor Joe Lockwood said. “We’re excited for people here to once again hike, fish and simply experience being surrounded by nature in the heart of our city.”

The City of Milton purchased the park’s 42 acres for $4,200 – in other words, for $100 an acre – from the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in June 2015. By that point, Providence Park had been closed for over a decade and needed considerable work.

The City stepped up to make a number of improvements such as installing new fencing, renovating trails, replacing park benches, and several measures aimed at ensuring the property would be safe for all. That led to the first reopening of Providence Park in November 2016.

Still, even at that point, City leaders and the community understood more could be done to make the property even better. After getting extensive public feedback, a Providence Park Master Plan (which you can view at was adopted in 2018 proposing several new features – including those unveiled this week. They are:

  • A new 8-foot wide, paved, American Disabilities Act-compliant trail winding from the parking lot to Providence Lake. The trail’s slope does not exceed 5 percent at any point, making it safe for people on wheelchairs. The City used a $200,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Recreational Trail Program to help pay for this trail’s construction.
  • A 500-plus foot wooden fishing pier and pavilion structure providing shade on the north side of Providence Lake. (The City only owns a portion of the lake.) A $100,000 grant from the Georgia DNR’s Land and Water Conservation Fund paid for nearly 50 percent of this particular project.

Work began in June, at which point Providence Park was closed to the public for safety reasons and to allow crew to work as efficiently as possible. The City’s Public Works Department teamed closely with its contracted partner at Tri Scapes to complete the effort on time and in budget. Milton is also very appreciative of colleagues from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for their support during this process.

 For more details on this project, including a timeline and financial information, click here:

“We are grateful to our Mayor, Council and especially citizens for their patience and support throughout this process,” said Milton Parks and Recreation Manager Tom McKlveen. “We’re excited for everyone to once again enjoy Providence Park, and in more ways than ever.”

Providence Park ADA trail