Attend an Info Session for Learnwell North Georgia - a Hybrid School!

Hybrid school helps parents provide a high-quality education for their children

June 1, 2021

Learnwell North Georgia is a hybrid school located in south Forysth. It offers an education model for learning at home and learning on campus. The faith-based school is ideal for:

  • Children who need time to participate in practices and other activities.
  • Families who want the best of both worlds: learning at home and learning in the community.
  • Parents who want responsibility for leading their children's education.
  • Families who desire a less hectic schedule.


  • Families First: Families and children are extremely important. 
  • Intentional Margin: Education with margin leads to healthy learning and healthy families.
  • Deep Faith: Because of our faith in Christ, we deliver the products and services that our families expect with integrity.
  • Educational Excellence: We provide products and services that are delivered and supported with excellence. 


  • Learning at school: High-quality teachers lead children to celebrate their gifts, talents and passions.
  • Learning at home: Have the tools you need to lead your child's learning at home. More than a homework helper, you'll be a full partner in your child's education.
  • Community: Form friendship and community with other Learnwell families.


  • Know exactly what to do in your child's education at the right time.
  • Get help from a certified teacher when you have questions.
  • Experience balance in your family's schedule.


Learnwell North Georgia supports students kindergarten through 7th grade and will add a grade every year up through 12th grade. For more information about schedules and curriculum:

  • Kindergarten through 5th: click HERE.
  • 6th through 7th: click HERE
  • 8th through 12th: click HERE


Learnwell is located in south Forsyth on Bluegrass Lakes Parkway. This is just off of McFarland Parkway on the west side of GA 400.

Address: 1300 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30004


Learn more about Learnwell North Georgia at one of the upcoming information sessions at 7:00 PM: June 10, June 22 or July 8.  You can RSVP HERE.