Exploring the Smokies - Uncle Milton Toys In Hand!

Product Review: National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys by Uncle Milton

August 5, 2012

I know I've found a "cool" toy when not only my 6-year-old son, but also my husband can't wait to tear open the packaging and start exploring the toy's capabilities.  This is exactly what happened when the box of Uncle Milton National Geographic toys appeared on my doorstep.  Ah yes, the fun was about to begin.

We were just about to head out for a few days of exploring Smoky Mountain National Park just outside of Gatlinburg, TN, so I added a few of our new goodies to our packing list.  I knew we were going to have a great opportunity to put them to use.

The first toy, and truly all of our favorite, was the Uncle Milton National Geographic 4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool.  Not only is it a compass, but it also has a thermometer, whistle and mirror which gave us the chance to explain several life-saving lessons to our oldest son.  He thoroughly enjoyed telling us which direction we were headed, and scared off any possibilities of us seeing any wildlife by blowing the whistle! 

The next toy we tried out was the Uncle Milton National Geographic Earth Tag.  This one was a bit harder for my 6-year-old to master as the recommended age is 8-15, but I know with practice, he'll soon be a pro.  This sling-shot-looking-toy allows you to target objects and tag/identify them.  The objects you're launching are foam "Earth" balls ensuring safety, and with only fun in mind!

Lastly, we couldn't take our hike to view a waterfall without the Uncle Milton National Geographic All Terrain Collector.  Even our 20-month-old son liked playing with this one!  With the "grabber" in hand, my oldest had fun dipping the clear collecting domes into puddles to see what discoveries he could make.  It's a great way to observe small critters without harming them and then releasing them back into their habitat. 

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Thanks to Uncle Milton for sending me these toys to review for Macaroni Kid Alpahretta-Roswell-Milton.  We truly are having a great time exploring the outdoors in a fun, new way!