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Little Passports + Giveaway!

December 6, 2010

Inspire your child to learn about the world!

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What is Little Passports?

Little Passports is an award-winning, monthly subscription that takes kids on a global adventure!  Each month, the characters Sam and Sofia travel to a different country, and send your child a fun-filled and informative package about their travels.

Little Passports: Product Info

You may have heard about Little Passports from Family Fun, Real Simple, or even seen a story on the news!  Little Passports is a unique and fun holiday gift that will inspire your child to learn about the world!  Little Passports is a monthly subscription for kids ages 5-10, that helps to teach about different country’s geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way.  Every month, the characters Sam and Sofia travel to a new country and send your child a package!

During the first month with Little Passports, your child receives an Explorer Kit:

·      A fun travel suitcase

·      An introductory letter from Sofia and Sam

·      A world wall map

·      Your child’s very own travel passport

·      Colorful stickers

·      An activity sheet

·      A boarding pass with a “secret code” to unlock games at our online Boarding Zone

In each of the following months, the Adventure Continues!

Sofia and Sam travel to a new country and send your child a country-specific package including:

•   A letter from Sofia and Sam

•   An activity sheet

•   A country souvenir/ toy

•   A passport sticker

•   A map marker

•   A suitcase sticker

•   A photo of Sam and Sofia

•   A boarding pass to unlock more online games


Subscription Options

There are four different subscriptions to Little Passports.  The best option for holiday gifts is the Traveler Package, a 3 month subscription, and a one-time payment of $41.85, plus shipping.  Subscriptions rates drop as low as $10.95 per month (plus shipping) when you purchase a 12-month, Globetrotter Package to Little Passports.

For more information about Little Passports, and to place an order, contact: 

Cathy Fiacco

[email protected]


If you prefer to order online, at http://littlepassports.com, please list “agent Fiacco” in the referral box.

To ensure delivery of the Explorer Kit by December 25, all orders must be received by December 16th for US/ domestic delivery, and by November 29th for Canada, APO, and FPO destinations.



Mention “Macaroni Kid- Alpharetta/Roswell” when ordering and you will be entered in a drawing for a free month of Little Passports!!

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