“Riesens” We Love Daddy - Father’s Day Craft/Gift

June 6, 2011
By: Magge Mackay, Macaroni Kid Publisher
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Magge Mackay

Yes, it’s a little early for Father’s Day, but this craft may take some time to do.  Oh don’t worry, it’s not difficult…you just have to gather information from your kids and goodness knows that can take time! 

This was our Father’s Day gift to my husband last year.  He loved it so much, that he still talks about how special it is and how much it meant to him.  The container, full of thin paper strips (the chocolate is long gone…ha ha), still sits in his closet and I believe it will still be there when our “babies” go off to college. 

What you’ll need…

Plastic container- I used one of those see through “paint can” containers, which I found at Michael’s

Foam letter stickers

Foam stickers- your choice (beach theme, sports theme, hearts, etc.)

BIG bag of individually wrapped chocolate Riesens candy


Computer for word processing or markers

What to do…

On the front of the plastic container use the foam letters to write “So Many Riesens We Love Daddy” – you can also write your children’s names, the date, and/or a special message (on the back or side)

Allow your child(ren) to use the foam stickers to decorate the rest of the plastic container.

Start talking to your children about why or what they love about their Daddy.  I brought out old photo books to help “remind” my children of things they had done with Daddy, etc. 

As they list reasons, type or write them down on little strips of paper.  I just kept my laptop open and every time they mentioned something I typed it.  I then color coded each sentence/reason, so my husband would know who said what.  Once I got a full page, I would print it out and cut apart each reason.

Fold each little strip of paper and place it gently inside the paper wrapper of a chocolate Riesen- kind of like a fortune cookie!

Fill the plastic container with your “fortune cookie” Riesens.

Present to Daddy on Father’s Day!!

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1) Amy Wilbanks said:
Love this idea! We will start this project tomorrow!
5 years, 7 months ago

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