Road Trip: Pick-Your-Own Berry Farms

June 6, 2011
By: Tricia Madden, Sandy Springs-Dunwoody Publisher
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Strawberries and Blackberries are ripe right now!  Blueberries will be ready for harvest in just another week or two.  Several years ago I worked at a kids' summer camp at Serenbe and I have such fond memories of blueberry picking day at Serenbe Farms.  This is an activity that is great for ALL ages of kids... one-year-olds through adults just love eating a fresh, plump berry right off the bush.  Read "Blueberries for Sal" with your kids before you make the trip. Here are a few suggestions, and you can find more information about harvest dates or about pick-your-own farms at  Make sure to call ahead to confirm your visit, as farms often have to change their schedules depending on the weather and harvest.

Brown's Vineyard and Berry Farm (pesticide-free, thornless blackberries, muscadines). 4853 Evans Drive, Union City.  770-964-5304. Call for availability and hours.  Containers provided, picnic tables.

Strawberry  picking at Harry Stacy Farms-;  623  Poplar  Road, Dallas, GA 30157.  Phone:  770-­â€443-­â€0292.   Open:  Monday  through  Saturday 10 am  to  5 pm  and  Sundays  from  1pm  to  5pm,  but call ahead  for availability  Payment: Cash,  only.  $12  for  a  4-liter  basket  and  $8  for  a  2-liter  basket .

Strawberry  Picking at Washington;  270  Willowwind  Dr.,  Loganville;  Just  north  of  US  78,  off  Hwy  20;  For  many  customers  it is  a  springtime  tradition with family and friends.  Strawberries are grown on  raised plastic  beds for easy picking  and clean berries.   

Blueberry Picking at Berry  Patch  Farms:;   Beginning  around  July  1  (depending  on  the  crop), this lasts  about a month;  Monday - Saturday  8am  until  dark,  Sunday  12pm  until  dark.  Double check  before  you  go.  Grab a bucket  and  fill it with the best  blueberries  in  Georgia!  These blueberries  are never sprayed with pesticides.  They  are  totally  pesticide-­free,  so  feel  free  to  eat  them  right  off the bushes!  Blueberries can be frozen for  your blueberry muffins, pancakes  and  desserts all year long.  Go as early as you can. It gets  super hot, but the kids love it.   

Blueberry Picking at Hard  Labor  Creek  Blueberry  Farm:; 38  Knox  Chapel  Road,  Social  Circle,  GA  30025.  Between  Social  Circle  and  Rutledge,  GA;  East  of  Hwy  11,  north  of  I-­â€20;  WHEN:  Season  begins  at  the end of June and is best  in  JULY!  COST:  $1.50/lb.  (approx.  7  lbs  in  one  gallon).  After  picking  your  blueberries,  you might  want to have an amazing  Southern style meal at the Blue Willow Inn in downtown Social Circle, or  visit  Hard  Labor  Creek  State  Park,  adjacent to the blueberry farm property.  

Blueberry  Hill:  Phone: 770-889-2131. Cherokee  County. 199  Trinity  Lane,  Free  Home,  GA  (between Canton and Cumming at Ga.  20 and  Ga.  372).  Blueberries late  June  to  early  August; Hours:  8:30am­â€6pm  Tuesdays ­â€Sundays;  $2.50/quart.    

Mercier Orchards:; Phone: 706-632-3411. 8660 Blue Ridge Dr. (Hwy. 5), Blue Ridge,  GA.  Strawberries, cherries, peaches, and apples; Hours:  7am - 8pm daily;  Cherries and peaches are currently available at the market.  Visit their website for events and more information!


Apples- July 25-November 21

Blackberries- June 1-July 30

Blueberries- June 15-August 15

Sweet Corn-May 15-July 1

Peaches- May 8- August 25

Pumpkins- September 15-November 15

Strawberries-April 5-June 10

Watermelons-June 25-September 1



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1) Lana said:
thank you so much for the list of the farms! Do you happen to know any farms where you can pick your own raspberries? Thank you in advance!
5 years, 7 months ago
2) Erin said:
Lana, there are a couple that I see on the list in North GA, but they are about one hour 45 minutes to over two hours away from here. One is called Tiger Mountain Orchards in Tiger, Ga and the other is The Berry Patch in Cohutta, GA. I suppose if you were up for it to being an all-day adventure, one of those could work!
5 years, 7 months ago
3) Lana said:
Thank you very much!
5 years, 7 months ago

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